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check-out-mike-votavaHey there.

This is Mike Votava, founder of We Wrote the Book on Connectors, coming to you live from my kitchen table.

You have probably noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on the site for awhile. Sorry about that. At some point I will be revising the site all-together. It will be way better. (And hopefully WE can string a few more shows together for you to enjoy.)

But until then, you should hop on over to my personal website — — There is a bunch of fun stuff happening over there, including any We Wrote the Book on Connectors news.

I hope to see you there!


Love, MJV


We Wrote the Book on Connectors — 8/29/15 at the High Dive

we wrote the book on connectors

Hey there!

WE are playing a show soon. You should come!

We Wrote the Book on Connectors
with/ Harvey Sid Fisher
August 29th at the High Dive

I hope you can make it!


It is the triumphant return of We Wrote the Book on Connectors

We Wrote the Book on Connectors
As most of you know, WE have not played a rock show in a very long time. Well, that is all about to change. The next WE show is on Saturday March 2nd at the Crocodile. Bring your friends, and their parents.

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Last Christmas

Merry Chirstmas, bitches!

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Its all right cuz I’m Saved By The Bell

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The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents: original music inspired by The Jack Straw Anthology

design by Travis Young

Friday, November 30th, 8pm
The Bushwick Book Club Seattle presents:
original music inspired by
The Jack Straw Anthology
at The Royal Room5000 Rainier Ave South, Seattle, WA 98118
Free Show!, all ages until 10pm, bring the kiddies!

I’m playing this show on Friday!

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is teaming up with Jack Straw Productions to create original music inspired by the Jack Straw supported writers for 2012. Each artist will doing an original piece inspired by a different story from the a Jack Straw 2012 Anthology.

If you haven’t read the Jack Straw anthology yet I suggest you do so now, you can download it here.

For my song I get to be inspired by Stacey Bennetts’ Trial by Error: Confessions of an Eight-Year-Old Drug Smuggler. Wait?! …eight year old drug smuggler… what?! This is gonna get crazy! I suggest you come to the show, see what happens when I get through with this.

The other writer/artist combos for the evening are as follows:

Kathleen Alcalá – Levi Fuller
Gabriela Denise Frank – Joy Mills
Sally Neumann – Debbie Miller
Claudia Rowe – Amanda Sue Winterhalter
Sharon Hashimoto – Aaron Starkey
Johanna Stoberock – Sean Hunting Morse
Mitsu Sundvall – Don Rauf
Nick Wong – Wes Weddell
Stacey Bennetts – Mike Votava (balls)
Kaia Chessen – Michael Owcharuk
Lacey Jane Henson – Cynthia Marie
Carol Light – Scott Adams


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The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents: Dan Savage’s The Commitment

design by Michael Wallenfels

Wednesday, October 24th, 8pm
The Bushwick Book Club Seattle presents:
original music inspired by
Dan Savage’s The Commitment
at Volterra5411 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Tickets are only $10, get them HERE

Hooray for gays, and straights, and love, and sex, and relationships, and marriage, and family, and cake, and divorce! In his book The Commitment, Dan Savage charmingly covers all of those things (and also threesomes), expanding the personal views of many in the process. I’m reading it now and am convinced that it should be required reading for ANYONE considering the big M (that’s short for marriage). Why isn’t that a law? It should be a law.

These are important times. Much like myself, The Bushwick Book Club Seattle believes in equality for all. That is why I’m very excited to be a part of the upcoming show at Volterra when The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents Dan Savage’s The Commitment. It is a benefit show with all proceeds going to Music For Marriage Equality. It will be great fun and it is for a great cause. With your help Washington State will be the first state in the nation to defend marriage equality with a public vote come election time. And I promise I will sing my little heart out just for you. See you at the show.

Here are the night’s talented performers:
Mark Blasco
Evan Peterson
Lisa Koch
Dean Moody
Bridget Quigg
Michael Owcharuk
Fred Luongo
Tai Shan
Mike Votava
Tekla Waterfield


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Your Head (Put Your Hands On Top Of) – New crowd pumpin’ Jock Jam music from WE

Over the past couple weeks our latest song Your Head (Put Your Hands On Top Of) has taken sport stadiums everywhere by storm. It truly has become a fist pumping phenomenon and is being heralded by fans and Jock Jam critics alike as “the most important Jock Jam of the 21st century”.

Jock Jam Thank You Ma’am Magazine said “It is no longer possible for me to watch the quarterback of my favorite team take a sack and fumble the ball on a decisive third and long play without hearing this masterpiece inside my brain for the next 15 minutes. Absolutely brilliant!”

Rolling Stone has called it “the new Who Let The Dogs Out”.

WE couldn’t agree more. This song is guaranteed to get you pumped!

Weekly Challenge Number 15 - Jock Jams

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This Friday: The Bushwick Book Club Seattle presents: original music inspired by George Orwell’s 1984

Design By Michael Wallenfels

Friday, September 28th, 8pm
The Bushwick Book Club Seattle presents:
original music inspired by
George Orwell’s 1984
at The Columbia City Theatre4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle WA 98118
Tickets are only $7, get them HERE

For over the past two years The Bushwick Book Club Seattle has put on amazing events delivering original music inspired by books, and this Friday’s show at the Columbia City Theatre will be no exception when they present original music inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. Hold on to your butts!

I just picked up a copy of 1984 from the Bellingham library yesterday and haven’t had time to read it yet. So really I have no idea what the futuristic version of 1984 is going to be like, however, here are some fun facts about the actual 1984.

“Where’s the Beef?” happened

My Dad would say “Where’s the Beef?” every time he farted, it never stopped being hilarious.

Michael Larson won $110,237 on the game show “Press Your Luck” after he memorized the computer-generated patterns used by the game’s board. I went on to say the phrase “No Whammies!” about 10 million times (and counting).

I had several nightmares about my heart getting ripped out of my chest after watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in the movie theatre. Turns out my Mom was right, I was too young.

I got something for Christmas that year, it was probably some legos or a G.I. Joe toy and I was probably super pumped about it, but I can’t really remember.

After watching The Karate Kid I won an imaginary karate tournament by crane kicking my little sister in the face. Both my Mom and my little sister were unimpressed with my imaginary victory.

I watched the show Three’s Company about a billion times in syndication and still had no idea that it was about a guy who pretended to be gay so his landlord would allow him to live with some hot chicks. Boy was I dumb.

Now that we’ve got those fun facts out of the way, let’s get down to business. I won’t be performing at this show but that won’t stop me from attending. Bwa ha ha! – And it shouldn’t stop you either. There will still be plenty of wonderful 1984 inspired performances to go around. And I almost forgot to mention, that the night will be hosted by funny man extraordinaire Emmett Montgomery. Hooray! I will see you there, but only if you go.

The performers include:
Aaron Shay
Levi Fuller
Wes Weddell
Michael Owcharuk
Jacqueline Leigh
James Pitts
Susy Sun
Debbie Miller (Yay! Adorable!)
Aaron Starkey
Mark Blasco
Michael Wallenfels


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Carousel at the Tractor – Wednesday, August 29th

Attention all Rick Weber fans, just wanted to let you know that you can catch him and his drums holding down the beats for his band Carousel one week from tonight at the Tractor in beautiful downtown Ballard. Hooray!

Wednesday, August 29th at the Tractor
Doors at 8 / $6 cover / 21 & over
Midnight Salvage Co.9pm
Carousel 10pm
No Ghost11pm

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