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Champagne In the Membrane – WEekly Challenge #4

Here is the song I whipped up for WEekly Challenge #4 – a song inspired by a beverage. And of course, my beverage of choice was champagne. My current luxurious rock star lifestyle warrants that I get doped up on … Continue reading

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Calimocho- WEekly Challenge #4

Calimocho is a surprisingly yummy drink that consists of 1 part cola and 1 part red wine poured over ice. I prefer to use 3 Buck Chuck and Shasta (boxed wine is also a good choice). Calimocho is a common … Continue reading

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WEekly Challenge #4-Beverage Song

Whether it’s  a nice glass of Red Red Wine, a Milkshake, or a shot of Tequila, we all enjoy a good beverage now and then. This weeks challenge is inspired by these tasty drinks! WEekly Challenge #4- Write a song … Continue reading

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