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Don’t Tell Stuart (MJV version) – WEekly Challenge #6 – finally finished it

I know this song is a week late, but so what. Sometimes that’s the way these WEekly challenges go. Making a new song every week is not as easy as it sounds, so shut your stupid face (I’m looking at … Continue reading

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Don’t Tell Stuart (Galen version) – WEekly Challenge #6

Hot off the press! As promised, here is Galen’s version of his song Don’t Tell Stuart. Galen says: “My friend Stuart once told me he was afraid of discovering that he was secretly retarded, and that no one had ever … Continue reading

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Don’t Tell Stuart(Ben’s Version) -WEekly Challenge #6

Wow! I’m so excited about this challenge! I really like the idea of 3 different songs with the same lyrics. I spent a lot of time while writing this wondering what Mike and Galen were coming up with. I love … Continue reading

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WEekly Challenge # 6 – Galen Green, “Don’t Tell Stuart”

Ladies and gentlemen, WE have our first guest challenger. For this week’s challenge, the very talented Galen Green (Tiny Weapons, Nearly Dan), challenged WE to make a song using lyrics that he himself wrote. WE foolishly accepted his challenge under … Continue reading

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