Introducing: The WEekly Challenge

WE receive dozens of e-mails a week saying “Why don’t you guys post more new music online? I just can’t get enough WE!”

In an effort to satisfy the desires of our fans, spark creativity, and to keep Ben from watching too much Netflix, WE have decided to start a weekly challenge. Every week a new challenge will be presented and the participants will have two weeks to complete the challenge. The main focus of The WEekly challenge will be songwriting, but WE plan on branching out into other creative endevours as well (video, ice sculpture, scrapbooking etc…). Although WE have two weeks to complete a challenge, WE will always have two challenges overlapping each other so that WE can post new material every week.

WEekly Challenge #1

For our first week, Mike has issued this challenge to Ben.

Write and record a song inspired by any movie you watched in the past 4 weeks.
Failure to complete the challenge will result in having to wash the other person’s car when convenient.

This challenge is already in progress and the results will be posted on Monday, June 6th. Stay tuned for more details about The WEekly Challenge.

“Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” – Tracy Jordan

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