WEekly Challenge # 6 – Galen Green, “Don’t Tell Stuart”

WEekly Challenge - Don't Tell Stuart

Ladies and gentlemen, WE have our first guest challenger. For this week’s challenge, the very talented Galen Green (Tiny Weapons, Nearly Dan), challenged WE to make a song using lyrics that he himself wrote. WE foolishly accepted his challenge under the one condition that he too would have to make a song using the same words. Bwa ha ha! WE are so clever.

Failure to complete the challenge will result in having to make a heartfelt video apology to the other participants, explaining why you couldn’t get the song done.

Finished WEekly Challenge #6 songs will be posted on Monday July 18th.

WE have had the pleasure of working with Galen before on a couple different occasions. Here’s a song WE did that features Galen on the Jazz sax. It’s called Hope You’re OK. Look out!

[audio:http://www.wewrotethebookonconnectors.com/WE1/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Hope-Youre-OK.mp3|titles=Hope You’re OK (feat. Galen Green on Jazz Sax) |artists=We Wrote the Book on Connectors]

For this challenge, Galen wrote a song called Don’t Tell Stuart. The words are posted below. I think its about a guy who is unaware of the fact that he is mostly retarded. Sadly, I think I can relate all to well… poor, poor, Stuart.

Don’t tell Stuart
Cause he’s our special little guy
Nobody believed that he could
Learn to read or write
We’re all flabbergasted that
He’s come so very far
Please just tell him he’s an allstar

He’s counting numbers, reading his words
Doing 100 in the Thunderbird
Tweet tweet, chubby girl on the street
A growing boy’s got to eat

Going shopping at the big and tall
Playing catch with the medicine ball
Hitting whippets, bottle of gin
He’s gonna find a way to win

Three-piece track suit, brown velour
Pomade up in the pompadour
Click clack, it’s Stucky the Mac
I wonder why he tick like that

Late night, spending cash
Mash up the rental car, dine and dash
Clink clink, you better not blink
He just might spike your drink

So go to sleep my little highland hooligan
Your tiny bus is leaving with the dawn
Soon it will be time to go to school again
We’re all so super proud, you’re a big boy now

When this is all over, WE will have three completley different versions of this song to show you (one from Ben, one from me (Mike), and one from Galen). Are you excited?

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1 response to: WEekly Challenge # 6 – Galen Green, “Don’t Tell Stuart”

  1. Galen says:

    Yes I am excited. Just to clarify – it’s about a friend who told me that his deepest fear is discovering he is actually retarded, and that no one ever told him. I should also add that although he didn’t tell me any of this in confidence, and he didn’t explicitly forbid me to write a tribute song about his deep personal fear… Well I haven’t told him yet. Surprise! We are all so proud of our little Stuart! Definitely not retarded, as far as he knows. And now he has his very own song to prove it! He truly is an allstar.

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