Zombie Reagan song and the Bushwick Book Club

Zombie Reagan looks a lot like Regular Reagan

Here’s a recorded version of the song I wrote and performed for the last Bushwick Book Club Show, orignal music inpsired by A People’s History of the United States. I didn’t have to read the whole book this time, all the performers were assigned a couple chapters each to be inspired by. My chapters focused mainly on the 1980s, and Ronald Reagan’s presidency, and the rise of corporate America, and obscene amounts of military spending, and the Cold War against the evil Russian empire.

[audio:http://www.wewrotethebookonconnectors.com/WE1/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Zombie-Reagan.mp3|titles=Zombie Reagan |artists=We Wrote the Book on Connectors]

Here are the words. feel free to sing along.

Saving 24 million dollars on a glass of milk
Watch the President at the conference denying milk was spilt
Spend the people’s hard earned money on Trident Submarines
For protection from Russian birth marks and warheads firing

The zombie apocalypse is right around the bend
Corporate America will be standing in the end
Giant hair and 80’s butt rock bands will rock again
With Ronald Reagan returning from the dead

Zombie Reagan
Wants to eat my brains
Zombie Reagan
Looks a lot like regular Reagan

Nancy says that my military is the biggest she’s ever seen
And I know that Yakov Smirnoff would probably agree
Shooting lasers from outer space now I could go for that
But how was I to know that the Star Wars program
Would be a stupid piece of crap

Originally I had a very hilarious Yakov Smirnoff joke in the bridge

“In mother Russia, Zombie Brains eat you!”

But before I performed the song at the show I conducted a very short “Do you know who Yakov Smirnoff is?” survey with a small sample of artists and guests. Based on the results of the survey, which from my perspective were quite dissapointing, I decided it would be best if I cut the line. I am now regretting that choice. If only I had a time machine…

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