Don’t Tell Stuart (Galen version) – WEekly Challenge #6

WEekly Challenge - Don't Tell Stuart

Hot off the press! As promised, here is Galen’s version of his song Don’t Tell Stuart. Galen says:

“My friend Stuart once told me he was afraid of discovering that he was secretly retarded, and that no one had ever told him. Preposterous! We are all so proud of Stuart, and we wish he could somehow hear this rousing anthem to his greatness – but alas, he hasn’t learned to use the internet.”

[audio:|titles=Don’t Tell Stuart |artists=Galen Green]

Good job, Galen. WE are very impressed by your musical stylings.

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3 responses to: Don’t Tell Stuart (Galen version) – WEekly Challenge #6

  1. Ben says:

    Awesome Galen!

  2. Galen Green says:

    Thanks man. I also like how one of the tags for this page is “retards.”

  3. Mike says:

    this is my favorite version of the 3

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