Adventures in song writing – Spike In My Hair

Most of the time my fellow band mates have no idea what I’m singing about because they either, don’t care, can’t hear me clearly enough at rehearsals, or a combination of both. Once we hit the studio it’s a different story. They still might not care, however, they can certainly hear me loud and clear.

So there I was, in the sound booth laying down this vocal track, doing my thing. When I come out, everybody’s laughing. That was the first time the rest of the band could actually understand what the hell I’ve been singing all this time. One of the first lines in the song is “this must be where all the pretty bears come to procreate”. They informed me that the word “bear” is not the endearing term used to describe cute attractive women that I thought it was, but in fact, it is a word used to describe the exact opposite. So because of that one word, a song that was supposed to be about hitting the clubs and hooking up with girls, is actually about hitting the clubs and hooking up with big burly gay guys, AKA “bears”. Silly me, so naive…

Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Any song that has a sweet Bell Biv Devoe reference is all right in my book. There is no denying it. Spike In My Hair is a fun song, and WE have always been all for gay people, so we’ve decided to insert this tune back into our mustache rock repertoire. It’s a win win situation for everyone. You will be able to hear it live when you come to our next show, Saturday August 6th at the EMP.

[audio:|titles=Spike In My Hair |artists=We Wrote the Book on Connectors]

Come a little bit closer
I really like the way you shake that ass
this must be where all the pretty bears come to procreate

Take a look at my trophies
they say that I’m the champion
gonna bring you home when it’s time to bone another victory

Hundred dollar shirt and some matching shoes
I know my mirror loves my moves
gonna need more time to put that spike in my hair
hope to see you there

Let’s keep the party moving
with another shot of alcohol
finish the whole thing then proclaim me king of the ballroom

I don’t like where this is going
you better check your fucking attitude
I already know Bell Biv Devoe would think you’re poisonous

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