4 to 6:45- WEekly Challenge #8

My first job was when I was 14 at a grocery store called Hy-Vee. Hy-Vee’s slogan was “where there’s a helpful smile, in every isle”.

I started out at Hy-Vee working as a “bottle boy”. This was before they had fancy machines to sift through all of your deposit bottles and cans. It was really gross. I also bagged groceries and worked at the “drive thru”(or now that I think of it maybe it was called “drive up”). For those not from the midwest, the “drive up” is a service grocery stores offer where you can get a number when you pay for your groceries, drive around to a special loading area where you give a guy your number and he loads your groceries into your car.  This job really sucked in the winter time. Other times it was really fun. We goofed off a lot! We wrestled big bags of dog food, looked through peoples groceries, and found different ways to ride around on the shopping carts.
I worked there with a bunch of the kids I went to school with including my best friend at the time Matt Goode. Matt was pretty wild in those days and we always got into crazy adventures at Hy-Vee.  When writing this song I knew I had to include him somehow.

Oh, I almost forgot. When you are under 16 in the state of Iowa, you can’t legally work past 7 on a school night. To avoid getting in big trouble, Hy-Vee would schedule you from 4-6:45 to make sure there was no way you would clock off after 7.

This song is dedicated to all the other kids who worked at Hy-Vee through there Middle School/High School years.
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