Sometimes I wish, that I was not a fish…

Here is a sad tale about a very lonely fish. Take a listen, it is sure to brighten up the gloomy Friday afternoon that I know you’ve probably been having.

[audio:|titles=Fish |artists=We Wrote the Book on Connectors]

I am a fish and all I ever get to do is float around
I’ll be honest with you, it gets kind of boring
I don’t like the way the water always seems to pull me down
I get so irritated by all this fucking bullshit

fuck this, that’s what I’m thinking
sometimes I wish
that I was not a fish

My scales are golden but I know that they are wasted on myself
my life is pretty worthless any way you look at it
i get so lonely i’m the only fish who’s swimming by himself
there is no lady fish to accept my fishy kisses

you think it’s so god damn hilarious when you’re tappping on the glass
you’re a fucking asshole, and I hate your fucking mother
I’m gonna take this plastic scuba man and shove him up your ass
how does that feel?
i bet it feels really fucking awesome

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