WEekly Challenge #13 – Who Would Win in a Fight Between

WEekly Challenge Number 13 - Who Would Win in a Fight Between

Yoda and Gandolf? Hogan and Stone Cold? Insanity Wolf and the Honey Badger?! Dr. Who and Dr. Samuel Beckett and Doc Brown?!!

The possibilities are endless, but there is only one true answer. (Larry Bird.) Yes, this week we’ll study the implications of the great cultural debate – Who Would Win in a fight Between…? Will we hear of classic rubber matches? One champion’s secret finish move? Thoughts on the prevalence of bullying in the US schools? Only one week’s time will tell – but let’s get ready to rumble.

Now, WE normally don’t get so fisticuffs with our WEekly challenges, but this week there’s a third contender in the Octagon that warrants a throw down like no other. Jamie Henkensiefken, a good friend of ours, but an intimidating force for nonetheless, will be joining Ben and Mike in this challenge. If you’ve never met Jamie, a quick summary might well be: she plays guitar better than you, her wife is hotter than your spouse, and her car is cooler than anything you will ever own. She wouldn’t put it that way (she’s even modest) – but buddy, that’s the way it is. You might as well understand who you’re dealing with here.

Jamie H is BadassKnown also by the moniker Jamie Hellgate, or simply Jamie H, she has played a lasting part in the Seattle rock scene since making her way here from Montana so many years back. She currently plays drums for Eighteen Individual Eyes (with other very talented gals), and formerly fronted H is for Hellgate, which included WE’s own Benjamin J. Baier.

On October 1st, Jamie is going to treat all comers to her own unique solo project she’s calling Fairweatherfrnd, during a special matinee show at the Comet on Saturday the 1st of October. The show starts at 4pm, with a couple of other great acts on the bill as well. WE’ll be there, and WE think you should be there too. WE bet Jamie dares you to show up.

But first she’ll have to get past this kicking, screaming, and biting WEekly challenge. All parties will post their songs this coming Monday. Those that fail to complete this challenge will have to buy a beer for all the competitors, and the referee (that’s me), to bury the hatchet and keep us all getting along.

Jamie H is Ready

"All right nerds. Come at me."

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