iPhone 5 – WEekly Challenge #14 – Ryan’s Song Complete

Weekly Challenge Number 14 - Let's Talk iPhone

I was hoping to write something about my thoughts on this song and challenge after school today. Unfortunately, I was thrust into a group project that held me up a bit, and now I have to run to work. Suns a ma bitch.

Here are the lyrics. I didn’t have time to do a great mix and master, due to that pesky school gettn up in my biznis, so I’m not sure how tangible them syllables are.

Present day technology
Can help those of us who feel lonely
With Online dating sites
But it’s not humans that interest me
I had my eyes on an android
So I got one but now I;m annoyed and wondering

If Johnny 5 can come alive with a single lightning strike
Why can’t my android
And if I open in it up and program it to love
My warranty’s void
So where do I find companionship
When my phone doesn’t come equipped
With a heart, a brain, even knees
Instead outrageous roaming fees

I’m caught in a trap
A two year contract
With a machine a machine when I might as well just f*&^ing be alone
I’m such a sap
If only I’d known
Then I would’ve held out for a new iPhone

Buyer’s remorse
And a broken heart
I’m so sorry Apple
I should’ve got an iPhone
I want a new iPhone
An iPhone 5
I want an iPhone 5

I’m sorry, my sweet Android
You just don’t have the features of the iPhone

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