Average Ho – WE will never play this song again

When WE first started playing live shows about fifty years ago, WE only had a small handful of songs in our mustache rock library to select from. “Average Ho” was one of them. WE don’t play this song anymore, and I’m pretty certain that WE will never play it again. Aside from the fact that WE now have much better material in our mustache rock arsenal, there are two main reasons WE decided to put this one on the shelf.

#1 – Ben thought it sounded too much like Weird Al’s “Midnight Star”. I can see his point, but I also feel that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Weird Al is the shit.

And more importantly…

#2 – My Mom comes to almost all my shows. I’ve never been more ashamed of my musical endeavors than those times when I would sing this song with my Mom standing right there in the front row. She never said anything to me about it, but from my view on the stage I could always tell that she was shaking her head at me on the inside. Her internal head shaking became especially apparent during the bridge. How embarrassing. I’m sorry, Mom. WE won’t play this song ever again. I promise.

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