Next show – Friday (January) the 13th at the High Dive

design by Mike Votava

The next WE show is on Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day of the year. But that won’t stop WE from rocking your face off. WE are one of four great bands that plan on murdering you that evening with the power of our ROCK.

Show starts at 9pm.
WE go on at 10pm

The HIGH DIVE presents:

9pm – The Dignataries
11pm – Mothership
12am – Post Adolesence

The High Dive – 513 N 36th, Seattle, WA 98103
$7 – +21 – NO WIMPS

WE go on at 10pm


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1 response to: Next show – Friday (January) the 13th at the High Dive

  1. Andrew says:

    lilz I’m British, and me and my parents ridptroaped California from Napa to San Diego when I was 16, we shared hotel rooms, the Jeep, suitcases, everything. mostly we just argued over where to eat and radio stations. Honestly at times I just put my headphones in and wished I was at home with my friends but that trip was the most amazing holiday i’ve ever had and some of my best memories of mum&dad are from those two weeks. I love travelling in the car with my mum, it’s where we always have our deepest conversations and I pluck up the courage to tell her stuff that might get me in trouble maybe because she can’t do anything if she’s driving! And you’re right, reliable maps are essential, getting lost with someone you can argue with over the slightest thing is never a good idea.

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