This cover of R. Kelly’s The World’s Greatest is the closest thing WE have to a Christmas song

Every year when Christmas rolls around I can’t help but wonder why We Wrote the Book on Connectors doesn’t show their Christmas spirit and put out a Christmas album. All the cool kids are doing it, Mariah Carey, New Kids On The Block, James Brown, Billy Idol, Bet Midler, Jesus Weinberg and the Jesus Weinberg Seven, you name it. They have all helped spread that wonderful Christmas Joy with the power of their music. There is no reason why WE can’t do the same.

With Christmas only two days away there is just not enough time to get it done this year. However, if WE start working on it now, in theory WE should be able to have it complete by next Christmas. Piece of cake. I’ve already written one song this morning. It is called I May Be A Homeless Guy, But I still Love Christmas.

As of now, the closest thing WE have to a Christmas song is our version of the great R. Kelly classic The World’s Greatest. I hope you find it as uplifting as I do. Hooray and Merry Christmas!

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